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BEST workshop #1 - 2023: Experience with flexible buslines / on-demand transportation

Updated: Jan 25

Hosted by SL on Teams, 17 th of March 2023 from 09.00 to 12.00 CET

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What are our motives and experiences about “on-demand transportation” (flexible bus lines)? Let’s together discover how “on-demand transport” is organised, how it works and how it is perceived by costumers. It can be a great leap forward by redefining what convenient transport means for certain areas of our regions with sparse population. In terms of expert languages: Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT), Microtransit or On-Demand Transport (ODT) has taken on many forms over the last years. From dial-a-ride shuttle services, taxis and now App-based pick up and drop off options, transport services that

are on-demand, are making life easier and more convenient for commuters. Our role and options as PTAs is interesting to look on and to discuss it in workshop form.

There is a row of interesting questions/subjects to talk about: